BlackBerry shut its BlackBerry app Store

BlackBerry is finally sharing plans for its legacy software and services. BlackBerry has announced that they will be shutting down ‘BlackBerry app store’ over the next two years, including the platform’s app store. Blackberry stated that-

– The BlackBerry World app store is going away on December 31.2019

– The BlackBerry Travel site is shutting down in February 2018, and

– The Playbook video calling service will die in March 2018.

This means devices like Passport or Classic will have no process to download new apps. For those who still depend on these phones, the clock is ticking down to the time when there will be no option but to replace by Android.

The company is building “at least two full years of additional support for BB10” and “at least two full years of BlackBerry network access for BBOS devices”. The company adds that customers still using these older BlackBerry devices will be proffered a discount on the new Android-controlled KeyOne and Motion, but exact specifics on the trade-up program weren’t disclosed.

The future of BlackBerry OS which is the newest version of which the BlackBerry 10, has been in question ever since rumors started about BlackBerry adopting Android.

The head of BlackBerry, Alex Thurber said, “That’s right: BlackBerry still employs engineers focused on BlackBerry 10 — the latest 10.3.3 update came out in December 2016. Thurber wouldn’t definitively say there will be no more BlackBerry OS devices, nor would he commit to a future BlackBerry 10 phone. In other words, it’s technically still possible, assuming there’s enough demand from customers”.

Although the information of the program is unknown, a sharp reminder of just how slowly BlackBerry still operates. To make matters worse, the company has ended BlackBerry Priv monthly updates today after two years. That means the company is doing a better job supporting BBOS than its Android devices.