We all love wearing cool and funky t-shirts right?!! More precisely we all love to pose with the t-shirts with quotes which are ‘just so us’! To add a bit more to this, imagine sporting a t-shirt which would change the imbibed quotes with just a tap or touch on the button. Almost impossible right?!! I guess not this time maybe!

So, here we bring you the story of Broadcast Wearables, a Hyderabad based startup in India that has done a commendable job of integrating technology into the world of fashion. The end result or outcome can be depicted as the best of both of the worlds. Thus, with the focus on penetrating the power of technology, they have created the world’s first touch – enabled T-shirt!


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Yes, you have that read that right. Broadcast Wearables have come up with their revolutionary Digital T-shirt which enables users to customize their own slogans and image as often as they like. Speaking commercially, this is the first of its kind available in India, a programmable Digital T-shirt designed to reach the zenith of digital creativity.

This unique innovation is led by Ayyappa Nagubandi, who is the founder and CEO, in addition with accolades to his name like being a serial entrepreneur, creating startups for the last 17 years and a technology buff who has worked with the likes of World Bank. Together with his team of talented technology enthusiasts, comprising of engineers with similar zest and zeal, they have thought of ways to make people’s lives better by importing technology into everyday things.

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Frankly, Wearables were not difficult to perceive in the market. However, getting technology with Wearbles was again, not an easy task. Finally, after toiling hard and burning the mid night oil, arrived the touch enabled t-shirt, a new paradigm in the world of technology and fashion.


The Broadcast T-Shirt consists of tiny LED’s that gets connected with the accompanying app, there by giving complete control to the users over what they wish to say, or the design they want to decipher as per their imagination.

So, this is how it works:


 The T-Shirts feature qualities like:


Finally, a quick glance on the simple steps to set up:

Step 1: Downloading the broadcasting wear app

Gif Credit: IndieGogo

Step 2: Pairing of the t-shirt with the app

Gif Credit : IndieGogo

 Step 3: Sending designs to the T-Shirt

 Gif Credit : IndieGoGo

 Step 4: The designs can be changed as many as times wanted

 Gif Credit: IndieGogo

Step 5: Designs shared with the Broadcast Community 

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 Also, it is a touch enabled t-shirt 

Gif Credit : IndieGogo

In addition, 100% Waterproof and Washable t-shirt

Gif Credit : IndieGogo

For ordering, users need to visit their website www.getsygnal.com where the t-shirts are being sold under the brand name Sygnal. Also, right now, they are mainly based in Hyderabad where they have two offices. Talking of expansion, they are also working on creating a wearable phone.

To conclude, Broadcast is a beautiful and unique conglomeration of hardware and software that works seamlessly with the smartphone to carve out the magic of a programmable T-Shirt which responds accordingly to the user’s touch. Also. These are absolutely safe and shock proof, without worrying about the LEDs touching the body. Right now, the app is available for iOS and Android phones.