Gone are the days of taking photos and printing them. All thanks to the smartphones, tablets, and smart televisions, that now there are much better ways to share and enjoy the precious memories these days. In other words, the digitization of photos has created a superior experience.

But even after this, sometimes it seems nice to see the photos printed at a party or family get-together, where the images are essentially disposable. After all, not everything is worthy of framing. So, for this, Canon launches a new portable printer called “IVY Mini”, tailor-made for this purpose entirely.

Best of all, this printer does not use ink, instead of using a special “ZINK” paper, i.e. a print technology that uses a special thermal paper to print bad 2 x 3-inch photos. What’s interesting about this technology is that the paper features a peel-off back that turns the photo into a sticker, if users would want it. The printer itself connects to both Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth and lets users manipulate the photos with a special app before printing.

To this, Canon added that “For smartphone photographers seeking to stay portable and on the go with their devices, this sleek and compact portable printer has an extensive list of standout, user-friendly features through the Canon Mini Print app. The app includes creative filters, such as photo frames and stickers, augmented reality (AR) face distortion, as well as additional photo-editing tools including added text, fun frames and the option to draw. These features encourage users to creatively add fun enhancements and share those distinctive memories in real time in either a 2×3 print or sticker output option”.


The company further says, “The IVY printer utilizes ZINK Zero Ink Technology from ZINK, an amazing way to print in full color without the need of ink cartridges. Additionally, each pack of paper comes with one blue ZINK SMART SHEET; calibrating your IVY printer to the photo paper in that pack to produce an image that meets Canon’s high-quality image standards.”


In addition, the battery is also rechargeable, so no need to replace AA or AAA batteries. The IVY Mini can print up to 20 photos per charge and it takes just under one minute to print each one. For charging, it would take about 90 minutes using micro USB.


Users can purchase, the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer immediately for $129.99, here. Also, it is available in three color options, listing, Slate Gray, Mint Green, and Rose Gold. It comes with ten sheets of ZINK photo paper in the box, and additional sheets would cost $9.99 for a 20 pack, or $24.99 for 50.