Guess its time for the Android users to have fun now! The hilariously funny and profanity-spewing Carrot weather app would be now available on Google’s Play Store for the Android users. To delve deep, Brain Mueller’s brainchild Carrot Weather app has won a lot of awards lately. The iOS developer Mueller has made sure that everyone owning this weather app does not fail to check the weather at least once in a day. So, now, also, due to its growing popularity, the witty app has finally made its way to the Android store, Google Play.

A bit more detailing of the Carrot Weather App:

The prime reason for its popularity is its comical approach to forecasting the weather. Also, in addition to the regular details such as hourly information forecast, it is actually the witty side of the app, which has endeared itself to the users. Unlike the other weather forecasting apps, this funny app, just like a friend, would insult and abuse the users while telling them the weather details. So, now, it is really fun to hear a digital voice muttering abuses and curses when there is going to be a bad rainy day.


Apart from this funny and amusing side, the app also offers the eye-catching graphics that keeps on amending itself with the changes in the weather, which is, in turn, a far cry from the normal weather apps. It also entertains with a simple game of finding locations on a map and even mocks at the user’s dumbness when they fail to crack it.


Now, although it is free of cost app, there is also an option to pay a premium of $3.99 per year in order to get updates on the home screen widgets, lock screen widgets. What’s more, the paid variant also comes with an option to get the weather data details, which age back up to almost 70 years. So, users in the quest of friendly and funny weather details at the tap of a finger, just need to check the Google Play store right now.