AMD Ryzen 2

AMD now officially declared their refreshed 2nd generation Ryzen 2 processors will be launched in April this year. The new Ryzen 2000 series Pinnacle Ridge chips will feature the new Zen+ architecture and use the 12nm production process, and they’re already sampling out to manufacturers.

AMD promises Ryzen 2 will bring higher clock speeds and Precision Boost 2 technology for greater performance and efficiency.

Unlike Intel, AMD is sticking to the same AM4 socket so the users searching to upgrade to Ryzen 2 won’t have to purchase a whole new motherboard along with it.

AMD has not declared anything concrete on new processors or features yet but was sure to hear more in the coming months.

Ryzen 2 processors

The road ahead

AMD teased off the Ryzen 2 but carried on by showing off its roadmap going into 2020. On the second half of 2018, AMD promises second-generation Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen Pro processors. AMD also predicts its 12nm Zen+ architecture will evolve into a 7nm Zen 2 and then 7nm+ Zen 3 by 2020.

At a pre-CES event, AMD declared that it had produced a 7nm Radeon Instinct Vega chip designed specifically for learning applications. From there 7nm Navi would be AMD’s next consumer-oriented graphics card release, which then would be followed up with a 7nm+ yet to be named next-gen platform 2020.

With the promise of Ryzen 2 around April, and a look at AMD’s future roadmap. it might not make sense to get an OG Ryzen or Ryzen Threadripper processor at this point, but the company is throwing some big savings to finish off the series with a bang.