CES 2018 seems to surprise the consumers each day with new things. Also, every year, among all the TVs, laptops and other gadgets, there is a soaring high competition regarding who can fir the most into a single flash drive. So, this year the SanDisk has shown up with its prototype of what can be actually denoted as the world’s smallest 1TB USB-C flash drive.

Anyway, this is practically not the most storage to be perceived ever on a flash drive. This title has been already conferred to 2TB Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT. But even after this, SanDisk has done a commendable job as it has slimmed down the prototype and it is far smaller than Kingston’s chunky zinc-alloy case. With this, the SanDisk prototype fully embraces USB-C, instead of clinging to the past with USB 3.0, which denotes that the users would be able to use it to directly transfer storage, like, an Android phone in addition to computers.

Image Credit: The Verge

Right at this point, this drive is just a prototype, rather a working one, with no price or release date announced. Perhaps that’s  definitely done for the best. The reason being, given that full-sized 1TB USB-C SSD already costs somewhere in the range of $350, it’s hard to imagine that SanDisk’s model would be affordable in a way that would reach the market.