The Aibo robot introduced by Sony has been revived in time for CES 2018. This version of Aibo has far more artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors baked into it than the previous model, so much so that Sony has angled it around simulating an untrained dog.

sony aibo robot-dog

Aibo comes with three touch sensors one at the back, top of the head and under the chin. Along with two cameras on the front for image recognition, rear for simultaneous localization and mapping. It also comes with one Time of Flight (ToF) sensor for proximity detection, an illuminance sensor to sense your presence from behind, four microphones and a motion detector.


Aibo features a rounded form that excludes an unmistakable vitality, even showing physical signs of the body-temperature changes. That’s the depth at the heart of the Aibo experience.

Facial expressions, tricks, and gestures

Aibo has sparkled with a clever twinkle. It has spoken volumes, constantly giving you a window of its feelings. Bursting with life and energy, Aibo moves and gestures in hundreds of adorable patterns to welcome you into a world of surprising variety and exciting discovery.



Seeing and listening

Aibo uses its ‘eyes’ (a camera) as responsive interfaces, modifying its behavior based on what it sees. It is capable of detecting obstacles, bumps, people, and more.

Aibo has voice recognition abilities as well aligning its behavior with verbal input. It can respond to linguistic cues. It can locate the sources of the sound and can turn its head in the direction of people’s voice.

Likes and dislikes

Even Aibo has likes and dislikes. Aibo loves pink, which is the reason why all Aibo toys have pink elements. Aibo also dislikes heights and tight places. It gets a bit nervous when it is up high or in a tight place. It becomes anxious enough to lose its trademark curiosity.


Moreover, you can teach your Aibo new movements and tricks. You can also get new tricks from the Aibo store launching on January 11. with the help of the app (My Aibo) you connect with your Aibo. You can check out Aibo’s pictures, play with it, and add tricks to its repertoire. The app is packed with fun-filled features—even for people who don’t have an Aibo of their own.

Sony did not announce when the Aibo will land in the West but simply promises to aim for this year and for less than $2000 (₹127490.00 approx).