Apple has yet again hit the news. Apparently, it might debut its latest MacBook Air at a much cheaper price point and this might arrive next month.

This report is forwarded by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, and a close source of Apple tips. He has further claimed that a new 13-inch MacBook Air could debut somewhere in the second quarter of the present year, somewhere between April to June.

According to Kuo, this latest new spin on Apple’s cheapest laptop would have a “lower price tag” and thus this is definitely a good news for those who wanted to see some action on the MacBook Air front. In addition, this is also a positive development for those who don’t want to spend much to get themselves a piece of Apple tech.


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Right now, the specific details of this potential MacBook Pro refresh aren’t available, so that’s still up for guessing.

The main point, however, remains here that price might be lowered. This traces back to the fact that the report on Apple’s performance in 2017, have stated high pricing as an issue for the firm’s notebook range, particularly the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

So, this might be the thought that has driven Apple to take action. Currently, the base MacBook Air costs $999 (around AU$1,290) or £949, although a slightly cheaper model can be also purchased if shopped online. However, it wasn’t also very long when users pick up a MacBook Air for £749, i.e. the old 11-inch version.

It would be definitely good for those on a budget to be able to eye up an Apple notebook and consider a purchase without having to worry too much about their bank balance.