Namma TYGR

Bengaluru has a fixed taxi service to compete with like this of Ola and Uber. Namma TYGR, backed by a former Karnataka chief minister, is set to start its services soon.

According to the report, Namma TYGR has already roped 10,000 drivers on its platform, half of which are active while the rest are undergoing verification. The Namma TYGR app is active on Google Play Store. While fare rates might seem to be on the higher side, there are no hidden charges in the services.

Aftermarket leaders Ola and Uber had lowered their commissions previously this year, local cabbies in the city had approached ex-CM HD Kumaraswamy, and started HDK Cabs. While the former minister had earlier rejected any association with the cab service. But now it is clear that Namma TYGR is a partnership between HDK and Kolkata-based Tiger Cabs.

Namma TYGR

According to the information, Kumaraswamy has also declared an investment of Rs 50 crore over the next two years into the venture. The service was about to release on 15 August but got delayed as the office construction was not over.

The report also informs that Namma TYGR provides hatchback cars at Rs 12.50 per km, sedans at ₹14.50 per km, and SUVs at ₹18.50 per km. Like Ola, they would also provide outstation and rental options soon.

At present, Namma TYGR’s driver commissions are under 15 percent, which is significantly lower than what Ola ad Uber offer. Hence, the very motive of forming a local cab service seems defeated.

But drivers are supplied with additional benefits like insurance covers for families, educational assistance for children, healthcare facilities, budgets for car maintenance, and so on.

The previous report informed that nearly 50,000 drivers had “agreed to” join the Namma TYGR service. “Drivers will have to register themselves through company’s mobile app and only after proper verification they will be taken on board. For the safety of passengers and drivers, patrol vehicles will also be available round-the-clock,” an official said.