Computer baba joins MP govt

Meet Computer Baba, a recently appointed minister in the BJP-led MP government. Well, to be true, he is not exactly a minister, but someone who has been given a rank equivalent to that of the minister of state revealed the recent reports.  But, before anything else, Who is this Computer Baba? Why is he called Computer Baba? Is he a tech-savvy baba? Or is he a baba followed by geeks and all the cool kids from Silicon Valley? Here, are all the answers.

The real name of the Baba is Namdeo Das Tyagi. But of course, very few people are accustomed to this name. He is more famous as Computer Baba, and by his appearance, it is clear that Computer Baba is an ascetic. But instead of calling him with his real name, people call him Computer Baba because he is always seen with a laptop and himself gives the image that he is very tech savvy, making use of gadgets like smartphones all the time. Some may also pronounce him as a total gadget freak.

While this association with a laptop as the reason behind the name Computer Baba seems more plausible, holy men often acquire a few legends of their own. Computer Baba too has a few. Some say that he is known as Tyagi Computer Baba because he also has a very sharp memory. He can reportedly remember a lot of details and thinks fast and sharply.

Irrespective of the reasons why Computer Baba has a strange name definitely.  He is the man of the hour now, right now.

For instance, Baba, along with a few others, was campaigning against the MP government over Narmada issue. He decided to start the Narmada Ghotala Yatra alleging that state government’s Narmada Conservation Programme was bogus and that the MP government had illegally permitted sand excavation from the Narmada. His campaign also alleged that states project of planting six crore trees along the rivers banks was also false.

His campaign drew the attention of the government, and after this, the Government has decided to give him some special role. After he got the status of a minister from the MP government, Computer Baba has suspended his campaign. Reports also state that Baba has canceled the campaign because the state government fulfilled his demands to form a committee of saints and seers for protection of Narmada.

In one of the reports, Baba was also heard saying that, it was right for him to accept the government offer. To which he added that “If we do not get the post and other Government facilities, how can we work for the protection of the Narmada… As a member of the committee, we have to talk to the district collectors and look after other necessary arrangements for the river’s conservation”. Also, reportedly he added that a government status is required for these works.

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