Google has already created news this season with the announcement of its two new Pixel smartphones, which showed an updated Pixel Launcher. Again, here, the good part of the story remains that one of the most customized launchers has been already available for download and been updated to enable users to bring the particular look to any Android phone.

Action Launcher or this new application is best described as “Action Launcher offers all of Pixel Launcher’s features, then makes them even better with color & customization”. This is perhaps the best description given by Chris Lacy, the main developer behind this application, who made sure that every Android user is able to experience the newest features found in the OS, even without acquiring the latest smartphone.

This latest version, i.e. version 29 of the launcher, which is right now being rolled out for beta testing, enables the search box to be moved below the app dock. So, even if being minor, this is a nice way for those, seeking for the Pixel 2 look. This is already on top of the search box’s customization features already found in Action Launcher which allows users to add shortcuts to and change the shape of the box.

The following steps help in setting up the Action Launcher on the phone and customizing the search box’s location and features:

  • Joining the Action Launcher beta program
  • Downloading Action Launcher from the Play Store
  • Opening up Action Launcher and if needed going through the introduction/tutorial and setting the launcher as the default.
  • Swiping up from the homescreen to open the app drawer. Then locating and launching the Action Settings
  • Beneath the Fun Stuff subheading, there is the Quickbar, which needs to be tapped.
  • During the beta program, the v29 version of Action Launcher is necessary to download and tapping should on the option at the top of the menu labeled Style.
  • Now the users can select the style which he/she wants to have on the homescreen: Options include, Search Box (dock)(also known as Pixel 2 Style), Search box (top), Action bar (top), or None. After the selection, the user just needs to hit like and tap on OK.

Steps of Customizing the Search Box:

  • The Search Box should be placed in the desired location.
  • Launching of the Action Settings
  • Tapping on the Quickbar, under the Fun stuff subheading.
  • This step involves, changing the Search box’s background color, its shape, the search logo, and even adding up of more app shortcuts and actions to the bar.
  • So, now to add up more items, tapping on the floating action button is necessary and selection of the app which the user wishes to create a shortcut for.
  • Further, to remove items, a tap on them is done within the list and the selection of Remove from the pop-up menu.