Google has always assigned priority to user experience. Keeping in accordance with that approach, this time it seems to be hellbent on downranking all poorly performing apps on Play Store. This categorisation will automatically boost the search rankings of well-performing android apps. In order to achieve the goal, Google admits to “incorporating app quality signals in our ranking algorithms”.

Thus, the introduction of the new ranking algorithm for Android apps will ensure only the best apps will enjoy greater prominence in online searches. This, in turn, will lead to higher usage and engagement with apps. The need to incorporate quality app signals was felt for quite some time. Almost half of the apps with 1-star review on Google Play Store have a  severe stability problem. The new app ranking algorithm will take into account all these factors, including bad user reviews. Gradually, Google will weed out these low-performing apps from its search results, as well as from the Play Store chart. In this situation, app developers have to shoulder greater responsibilities while developing apps or face the consequences.

It may be noted here, hardly a few days back, Google announced that it is using machine learning to identify the ill-behaved apps. Ill-behaving apps are those that ask for more permissions from users than necessity. In addition to that Google is in the process of introducing a brand new program, named Android Excellence to single out the helpful, high-performance and user-friendly apps.

According to industry experts, Google is implementing this carrot and stick policy to encourage developers to create apps that crash less and provide a great user experience in the long run. Interestingly, the company declined to share any specific guideline that may lead to downranking of an app. The factors that are expected to be taken into account include how many times an app crashes, how many uninstalls the app has registered and the battery consumption, among many other things.

The new algorithm will be implemented over the next week or so. This development is expected to boost user experience for the Play Store apps to a great extent.