Google is in the news again, with the announcement of the launching of another stylish and simple Android app, designed to help people to manage one of the very core functions of their phone, i.e. data usage.

This new app, termed as Datally, would help the users by providing them with the daily update of where is the data going and the cut down on how much it is being consumed. Datally would also show which apps are being most used and even up to the time the data is getting used up. In fact, it would suggest ways to cut down data usage based on the user’s own activity and also suggest any nearby Wi-Fi networks for the users to connect to.

More importantly, there’s also a big button at the top of the app that lets the user stop all background data usage, so only the app that’s actively onscreen can use mobile data. A chat-head style bubble will also pop up to let the users know how much data the currently running apps are using up.In case, the users don’t want to block every single app from using background data, Datally lets the user control data usage on an app by app basis also.

Datally is being basically launched as a part of Google’s Next Billion Users Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to make Google products more usable in nations that have limited mobile connections. So the app’s focus is on basic features that are data usage control and storage management. Thus, this is the reason Datally only takes 6MB of space.

Josh Woodward, the product manager overseeing Datally, regarded that the idea for the app came from seeing the lengths that people go to preserve data, particularly in countries where mobile plans remain relatively expensive. In Delhi, Lagos, and Buenos Aires, Woodard said his team saw people who would keep their phone in airplane mode at all times to prevent data usage. When they wanted to check their notifications, they’d turn airplane mode off, let all the info rush in, and then turn airplane mode back on while they looked over the new information. To this, he also added that “A bunch of us on the team spent a lot of time on long flights observing people in their homes, bus stations, classrooms, and kept seeing this airplane mode behavior”.

Datally was first tested by Google in the Philippines, where 500,000 users are already using the app and on average 30% data is saved. Now the app is released worldwide on any phone running on Android 5.0 or higher.