Dell has unveiled a pair of new Ultrathin 24-inch and 27-inch monitors over at CES. The company claims that it is the brightest ultra-slim monitors in their class.

The dell 24 Ultrathin Monitor (S2419HM) is a Full HD panel, whereas the larger 27-inch model (S2719DM) has a QHD resolution, but they are otherwise the same.

The monitors are only at their thinnest point, but the side profile shows that they are reshaped like a sail so only a tiny fraction of the monitor is that thin. Most of the screen body is actually around 29mm (1.14 inches) thick, and while this is still compact, it is hardly record-setting.

The 24-inch model has a 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution, while the 27-inch option is 2560 x 1440 QHD. Both feature Dell’s CinemaColor technology for playback of HDR10 content, in addition to the selection of flicker-free panels which have been combined with ComfortView to reduce harmful blue light for extended use.

On the other selling point, these Ultrathin models kick out a much higher brightness level than their predecessors, at 600 nits versus 400 nits. That extra brightness can be put to good use when displaying HDR content, which is supported by the monitors.

Moreover, the company promises Dell Cinema color tech to provide HDR material even more pop, with deeper blacks and vibrant colors.

Both the monitors are handy from the 30th January 2018. The S2419HM begins at the US $300 (₹19131.00 approx) while the S2719DM starts at the US $500 (₹31885.00 approx).