All the selfie-freaks and photographers out there, pay attention! Google has got something really unique and interesting this time with its latest venture, for you people. This time Google is launching a trio of new photo apps, i.e. a part of new series of what it has dubbed photography “appseriments”. Also, these apps, which are right now available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play, would provide Google a way to test out more experimental features to perceive the way users would respond, as being reported by the company on its Google Research blog.

Interestingly, these new apps would contain a number of new and experimental technologies, which are right now in the developmental stage. These include features focusing on object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithms, efficient image encoding and decoding technologies, as being confirmed by the Google.

The apps have been termed as Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies and now a bit of detailing about each of these apps.


Storyboard is the app which would convert videos and make them look like single-page comic layouts on the device. Basically, this process or the idea of changing images inspired by art and including comic book art has gained much prominence after the launch of A.I.based editing app Prisma. After the success of Prisma, even if the company has shifted its focus to b2b, the increasing popularity of these type of creative photography has percolated down a bit. So, is this the reason for the launch of Storyboard?

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

So this Storyboard is a new take on those art-inspired photo effects apps. Instead of turning a photo into comic book art, this app automatically selects interesting frames from a video then lays them out using one of the six visual styles available. Right now, this app is only for the Android-based users.


As the name suggests, this app is exclusively designed for selfies. More details about this app suggest that this app is automated selfie photographer that takes black and white photos every single time the user would pose. Just as the user stops moving, a new snap would be taken. The conclusion is a whole bunch of b/w photos, appearing to have been taken from real photo-shoot. Also, this app is for both the iOS and Android users.

Image Credit: Tech Crunch


Right now, this is only for iOS and is designed for videos. The app lets the user change the speed and direction of video playback to create looping videos. But here, instead of looping apps like Instagram’s Boomerang, Scrubbies lets the user swipe the video itself to “remix” it. Google has jokingly named this process as “scratching it like a D.J.”. One finger plays the video while other two fingers capture the playback for the user to and save.


The above three photo features by Google could presumably make it into Google’s future stable consumer app releases in the future. Again,  Google’s other experimental app, i.e. Motion Stills for Android and iOS, have already given users the access to turn Live Photos into smooth GIFs for sharing on the web.

Lastly, Google also hinted that these three apps may be the first of many tests to which the company states that they are the “first installment” in this series of “appsperiments.”