Facebook goes musical this Yuletide. Recently, it has struck the deal with Universal Music Group for a multi-year licensing agreement, and this would allow its users to upload music to their videos. Further, this agreement, which also covers Instagram and Oculus, would allow users of those services to upload and share videos containing music from UMG’s artists without having the videos removed due to copyright violations, as had been the custom in the past.

This deal would mainly focus on the major copyright infringement issues around music on the platform. Facebook regarded this to be the first step, but also noted that it would work with UMG to introduce “music-based products” on its platforms moving forward. While UMG is the first label to sign this licensing deal with Facebook, it won’t be the last, as Facebook had already initiated the talks with Warner Music Group and Sony Music Group as well, as per the reports by multiple sources.

It was way back in 2015 that the social network began its talks with the music labels, as it tried to figure out a way to incorporate music into its services. During then, Facebook regarded that it did not want to enter the traditional route and create an on-demand streaming service. As talks progressed, Facebook focused on addressing the copyright infringement problems on its platform, a move that would make both its users and the music industry happy.

With this, as reported by various sources, Facebook has also started creating its own version of Content ID, YouTube’s service to identify rights holders’ content across its network. Now, this would allow music labels and other major rights holders to manage their content on the platform.