Facebook is currently thriving on cloud nine. The reason being the number of the users reaching the magic number of 2 billion by connecting and building communities on the social networking platform every month.

Why so successful? 

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What started off as a college curiosity in the United States, has been holistically acclaimed as the world’s largest social media network today. The striking feature remains that the recent user base has increased in size compared to the population of any single country and even six of the seven continents. Facebook now represents one-quarter of the world’s 7.5 billion people.

This feeling of satisfaction and contentment can also be felt in the voice of CEO Mark Zuckerberg while disclosing the numbers to his followers via a Facebook post. “It’s an honor to be on this journey with you”, read his post.

How does it work?

Facebook recognizes its monthly active user in the individuals who are the registered Facebook users and have logged in or visited the social media platform through a mobile device or by the usage of its Messenger app within the past 30 days. This excludes the users who follow the Instagram or Whatsapp but not Facebook.

As per the estimations from the last year, the Company has reportedly detected that duplicate accounts have apparently occupied 6 percent of the total user base within the global sphere.

In comparison to its contemporary social networking platforms. Twitter has reported 328 million active users for the month of April while Snapchat could only reach up to 166 million at the end of its first quarter.

Facebook proudly claims 1.94 billion monthly users as of March 31, which states an increase of 17 percent from a year earlier. Also, it reached 1 billion in October 2012. This is quite an achievement when compared to WeChat, a unit of Tencent Holdings and a very prominent service available in China, which could only claim 938 million monthly active users in the first quarter.

The recent plans and strategies:

The idea initiated by Zuckerberg in his college dorm room in 2004, has today taken a gigantic leap, and thanks to the advantage of its huge size which has worked greatly to entice its advertisers, have endowed them with highly targeted marketing capabilities based on its data about users. This has shown great results as the advertisers have topped 5 million in April, as reported by the company.The major growth of Facebook can be traced back from outside the United States,

The major growth of Facebook can be traced back from outside the United States, Canada, and Europe. Three years back those regions have witnessed 38 percent of the users compared to the 38 percent in the first quarter of the year.

To increase the percentage of the users in the developing nations, Facebook has initiated certain pared- down versions of its apps that uses much fewer data and is continuing with the process of developing solar-powered drones to expand internet connectivity all around the globe.