Facebook wants to make it easy to sign up to be a blood donor from the NewsFeed. It is also creating a special kind of post for requesting blood donations of a certain type in a certain location and then notifying nearby donors that qualify.

India like many countries has a shortage of safe blood. That is why Facebook has come up with a new effort to make it easier for the people to sign-up to be donors. A new way to connect people and organizations, health industry experts, potential donors.

How does it work?Facebook-blood-donor

Signup to be a blood donor

From October 1st National Blood Donation Day, the Facebook users in India will be able to start signing up to be blood donors. You just need to fill out a simple form. That having optional information like blood group or whether you have donated before. To support the participation Facebook will display a message in News Feed or people can edit their profiles to sign up. All information will remain private and set to ‘only me’ by default, but people can choose to share their donor status on their timelines.

This is available on Android and mobile web as these are the most widely-used platforms in India.

Find blood donors

In the coming weeks, Facebook will permit people to make requests for donors to give blood for a specific person or organization like blood bank or hospital. People will have Choices to insert-
The needed blood type,
Where it needs to be donated,
Their contact details, and
A story about the person or group in need.

Donors nearby get notified

Then, people nearby who have mentioned themselves as a donor will get a notification through Facebook requesting they set up. They will able to vet request and get in contact via phone call, Whatsapp or Messenger.

Therefore, Facebook is raising awareness and increasing the number of blood donors in India. Even, they want to make it easier for people and organizations.

Most importantly, the people are not actually registering with blood donation bank using the Facebook feature. That will happen when they go to donate.