With an eye toward personal safety of the Indian women, Facebook has launched a new tool to restrict the theft of profile picture. The Profile Picture Guard new tool will offer greater control to women over issues like who can download and share their profile pictures on Facebook. This was confirmed by Aarati Soman, the Facebook Product Manager in a recently published blog.


What will the Profile Picture Guard do?

  • The Profile Guard will restrict other facebook users downloading or sharing the guarded profile picture through a facebook message.
  • People not in friend list will not be able to tag anyone or themselves in the guarded picture.
  • Facebook would also try to protect people taking screenshots of the profile picture. In the beginning this feature is only available on android devices.
  • The guarded profile picture will contain a blue border as a visual cue of protection.


How the Facebook Profile Guard Works?

Facebook has also published a tutorial video showing how to use its Profile Picture Guard tool.


“These tools, developed in partnership with Indian safety organizations like Centre for Social Research, Learning Links Foundation, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz”, said Aarati Soman in the blog post. Facebook also partnered with illustrator Jessica Singh to create designs for people to add to their profile picture while using this tool. Facebook claims enabling this new tool will make the profile picture “75% less likely” to be copied.

This initiative in India will act as a pilot project. Based on the experience gathered in India Facebook hopes to soon expand the same initiative to other countries.