Messenger Instant games

Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games is getting upgraded with features like a new live-streaming option. This option allows you to broadcast Instant Games to all your friends and followers with Facebook Live.

Another feature will be rolled out for select games in which users will be able to video chat and play these games during a video call. This particular feature is will be available starting from now onwards. Casual gamers that use ProSkins csgo skins who are looking to share their gameplay and have an audience watch it are in luck as Instant Games on Facebook Messenger now supports sharing with Facebook Live.

Messenger's Instant Games

How to begin?

While playing a game, tap the camera icon located in the upper right corner of the game. Once selected, you can choose the audience you want to broadcast to and add a short description to say something about your video. To start recording, just press the “Start Live Video” button. Once the broadcast ends, the video will also get published to your profile for your followers and friends to view later.

Early next year, you can play games with friends from within a video chat in real time, permitting you to see each other’s reactions and have a deeper level of connection even if you’re not physically in one location. By the looks of things, this one will roll out title per title, since the first one slated to get it is none other than words with friends.

Messenger's Instant Games

Moreover, Facebook is also launching new games for Messenger next year, including Angry Birds. A new version of the physics game with unique features and modes created specifically for the chat app will launch in early 2018, followed by a few more titles like arcade-style adventure Sonic Jump by SEGA.