Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most famous messaging app announced new specifications and goals for 2018. One of the highlights of the declaration was to promise to invest in removing clutter from the app and offer streamlined features. The app is also expected to launch a new real-time communication.

Facebook Messenger chief David Marcus in a post admitted to having rolled out several features that have made the app cluttered. The race assembles new features might be slowed down, with the company investigating simplified and streamlined app interface in 2018.

David Marcus added, “We want you to be able to dream about a vacation with family and friends and plan it all in one place. We want you to save time and effort when communicating with businesses, and make payments even simpler”.

Upcoming features for 2018-

Real-time Communications

The Facebook-owned messaging app is also expected to roll out a new ‘real communications’ service on its platform soon. This could be something like what Facebook’s native app offers Facebook live.

David Marcus added, “At Messenger, we want to make sure you can celebrate a cousin’s engagement from the other side of the world as well as make sure your friend is safe after a natural disaster”.

Get Together

Messenger Groups are also getting an upgrade. A phone number will no longer be needed to add a Facebook user to a group on the messaging app. Other features of the Messenger Groups will be declared in the coming months. Beside this, Messenger is also expected to work on the features on the ‘visual messaging’ front, emojis, live video chat and more.

Simplifying and streaming

The users can expect to see Facebook focusing on massively simplifying and streaming Messenger this year.

More with Visual

Facebook to explode virtual messaging in 2018. The users can expect super fast and intuitive camera, video, images, GIFs and stickers with almost every conversation.

Customer Service will change to Customer Care

Facebook to introduce messaging as a true customer care channel. In traditional Customer Service interactions, most people have simple, basic questions they want to ask and have answered. Messaging has now become a preferred way for people to communicate with businesses to get things done, and sometimes learn a little more about the brand.