Another piece of bad news hits the world! Facebook’s messaging app has crashed around the world and yes its absolutely true.

To know more, frustrated Messenger users from the US to the UK have reported that they are unable to access the service this afternoon.

In fact, Facebook’s main site also appears to be affected by the outage, though not as severely as the standalone chat app.


This is quite a thing which comes just days after Facebook suffered a ‘total blackout’ that affected the social media site and its other platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

For instance, majority of the users which is almost 49 percent, reported that they were unable to connect to the server on Monday afternoon. Many also indicated that they were having trouble receiving messages (28 percent), while others said they could not log in at all (22 percent).

The app appears to have been crashed shortly after 3 p.m. with thousands of reports streaming in before 3:30.


Messenger users in Europe were worst affected by the issue on this Monday afternoon, with a majority of reports coming from the UK, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, and Denmark.

Practically, users in the United States were hit by the outage as well, with most of the issues here popping up along the West Coast. The outage began after midnight and continued for a few hours before the Messenger service was restored. However, Facebook was yet to reveal the reason behind the outage.

To this a Forbes report added that, “Messenger is generally reliable, but has had more issues recently, with four outages in September alone”.

The outage came a day after Facebook unveiled a new update to Messenger which would allow over 1.3 billion users delete sent messages from chat threads, under 10 minutes of sending.


Facebook is also testing its new feature called “Watch Videos Together” on Messenger that would enable simultaneous co-viewing of videos over a group chat on different devices.

Well, it was just last week, when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users around the world were left in a ‘total blackout’ for nearly an hour after the site crashed early on Nov 12.

Those who attempted to access the desktop site were met with a message saying ‘Sorry, something went wrong,’ while mobile users were unable to refresh the News Feed.