For the users who have come across the old thread of messages re-posted in the Facebook Messenger, there’s nothing to get tensed about as it was only a a bug caused by software update and has also been resolved. This dates back to an event that occurred yesterday when some random Facebook users complained about viewing old Facebook conversations.

Initially, this issue was started off by an user in Twitter and Reddit, where the users complained of showing old conversations as new, without any context or explanation.


One of the users in fact tweeted that, “I am not sure what is happening with Facebook and old messaging popping up as new ones but it gets really ridiculous being confronted with some of the chats from couple of years ago”.  In fact this annoyed several other users as the bug brought back past histories and conversations that users would likely to forget.

However, Facebook immediately confirmed the issue and resolved it on the very day itself. A Facebook person in fact confirmed that Some people are seeing older messages on We are aware of the issue and are actively working to resolve it in as soon as possible. Earlier today, some people may have experienced Facebook re-sending older messages. The issue, caused by software updates, has been fully resolved. We’re sorry for any inconvenience”.


Notably, this ain’t the very first time that Facebook users have complained about such a problem. Facebook’s ‘On This Day callback’ feature in 2015 brought back painful memories for some users as the underlying algorithm couldn’t differentiate between the tragic and celebratory posts.