Facebook has started out on its new venture. This time it has taken the decision of secreting posts from the users who spam the news feed of the other users with click-bait, fabricated news, and misinformative articles.

According to the Social Media honcho, of course, it is nice to keep updated with all the latest happenings in our friends’ lives. But then, too much of everything is also not good. In lieu to that, Facebook has decided to do away with this problem of over sharing of posts by announcing a new update to its news feed.

In the latest announcement, Facebook regarded that the process of updating was mainly done to filter the ineffective posts and “to reduce the low-quality links” in the users’ news feed.

This decision of updating was mainly based on the research which depicted that the existence of a small group of individuals, who share wide amount of public posts per day, was effectively spamming people’s feeds. Furthermore, these wide amount of posts were also of low quality. So, the final decision by Facebook was ‘deprioritising’ of posts being shared from these accounts.

As per this new strategy of Facebook, it will only apply to links for individual articles and domains. Apart from this videos, photos, check-ins, and statuses would remain untouched.

Lastly, apart from making the news feed effective, Facebook has also planned of a new Discover tab for Messenger, which would make the connection of users with chatbots and brands much easier.