Facebook is redesigning its “Life Events” feature with useful updates which would help users spruce up the posts marking the important moments that they want to remember and share. To look back, Facebook had introduced its “Life Events” feature as a way to help users share and celebrate the most important milestones with friends and family.

To this, David Harris, Product Manager at Facebook, added in his blog post that, “Just as they are in real life, life events on Facebook are distinguished from other everyday moments. To ensure these moments stand out even more, we’re redesigning this feature to give you more ways to commemorate your life events and help your friends see these important milestones”.


As part of the overhaul of the feature, Facebook would be now providing new options, including animated photos and videos. The social networking giant also added that, for ones who do not own images, would be able to choose from a wide range of art from Facebook.

In addition, under this redesigned life event feature, one would also get notified regarding certain types of life events. For instance, whenever a friend changes his current city, work, education and relationship status. To this, the blog post added that, “We filter the notifications so you only see the ones that are most relevant, and you can also turn off these notifications at any time”.


This redesigning would also now highlight life events in a dedicated section on the profile, to help users learn more about a friend or even a potential friend. Also, users might as well choose to hide any life event. For doing this, one needs to tap “…” at the top post and then select ‘Hide from Timeline’.

To this, Harris added that, “You can also include photos from the people or Pages you’ve tagged in the post, like your partner in a relationship or a new school or workplace. The photos and videos in your post also include subtle animations, like slowly zooming in. Just as before, when you create a new life event, you can include an icon to represent your update”.


Lastly, Harris informed that, this updated, redesigned “Life Events” feature would be soon rolling out globally over the coming days on iOS, Android and desktop.