Virtual Reality (VR) seems to be most crucial technology tomorrow, courtesy Facebook. Already having its virtual reality goggles, Oculus Rift, in the market, Facebook is gearing up to introduce yet another VR headset in 2018. This upcoming product is expected to have more advanced features and reasonably priced to suit all pockets.

In this context, it is relevant mentioning here, Facebook slashed the price of Oculus Rift headset twice in months. The latest announcement of the price drop came last Monday and it was promptly reported here at this platform.

According to our information, the yet to launch Facebook VR headset will be more affordable to the masses and priced at $200. Unlike the already existing competitors, it will not be required to tether to a smartphone or PC either. This wireless gadget will be handier for users, providing them with greater ease and comfort in using. According to our highly placed sources, Facebook is also planning to introduce a dedicated app store for this device.

Facebook has long been planning for the 2018 rollout of the new Oculus headset. According to industry experts, the upcoming device will serve as an entry point for the renowned social media platform in introducing ‘virtual reality’ to mainstream consumerism.

Veteran market analysts are of the opinion that with the upcoming VR headset, Facebook is smartly addressing the key roadblocks that its Oculus Rift faced in the market. The new Oculus device will be more reasonably priced to smoothly fit into the budget of the average consumer. The dedicated app store for the new device, as mentioned above, will cater to all related content from a single location.

If the ambitious plan rolls out, in reality, it is expected to redefine both the approach and the prototype of game designing.