There is a new mobile browser by the name Firefox Focus. Mozilla not only calls it fast and private but also simple to make life somewhat easier for Android users. The iOS version of the app was already released last November. Now the Android version has been launched. The best thing about this mobile browser is it readily blocks ads that track online activities of a user.

Those eye gears you have searched for on Amazon will no longer pursue you on every other website you visit. As Ad trackers are known for slowing down your browsing on mobile screens, Firefox Focus is expected to improve the browsing experience for mobile browsers. Considering the steadily growing menace of malware and ransomware, the safety of personal data of the Internet users is gradually occupying the center stage. Thus, browsers are including anonymous modes to stop anyone from prying into web activities of a user. Google and Apple have even announced to block those videos that keep playing automatically.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus or simply Focus, as it is normally called, is designed to provide greater control over the issue of sharing information with third-party companies. The privacy element in it is so strong that users can completely erase their entire browsing session with just one tap. It’s “visual clutter” feature allows eliminating tabs and menus. Interestingly, Android version of Focus has some additional features as compared to iOS. Most importantly, it will display the number of ads a user was spared from seeing. It is also possible to display the tracker blocker when a site is not loading properly.

Last but nevertheless the least, Focus will also automatically keep reminding users to erase their browsing history to ensure their online activities are kept private. Considering all these factors, experts opine that Android version of Focus will trump over the iOS version.