Now, it’s all in the face for Facebook. It is on the verge of launching its own version of Apple’s Face ID. If the users get locked out of the Facebook account, which is least desirable, the company is finding a way out to regain access by using the user’s face to verify the identity. This is an extremely useful way, especially for the individuals stuck somewhere where it is not possible to receive the two-factor authentication SMS, like on a plane or while traveling abroad, or if the access to the email account is lost.

The screenshot of this latest feature has been taken by Social media researcher Devesh Logendran and sent to TNW’s Matt Navarra.

FACEBOOK Facial Recognition
Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Facebook has also confirmed this news by stating that, “We are testing a new feature for people who want to quickly and easily verify account ownership during the account recovery process. This optional feature is available only on devices you’ve already used to log in. It is another step, alongside two-factor authentication via SMS, that was taking to make sure account owners can confirm their identity”.

Also, if the feature is found to be really useful to the users and is completely out of reach of the hackers, then Facebook would definitely roll it out to a larger number of people.

The years that have gone by, have witnessed Facebook experimenting with a number of ways to recover the locked account.Certain instances state of identifying images of friends to prove the identity of users. Or, it has also allowed access to the users to designate several ‘trusted friends’ who would receive a code that the user can take their help to unlock the accounts.

Facebook has previously experienced a drawback to facial recognition for photo tag suggestions, but this feature only takes the assistance privately from technology from helping the users. So, in all hopes, it shouldn’t be receiving any threats relating to privacy issues. Even if anything related to biometric data can raise concerns, the other part of the story also beholds that users can get back to their messages and News Feed, or repair the damage done by a hacker. Thus, making people more comfortable while using Facebook.