iPhone X

Apple is only a few months away from revealing its 2018 iPhone models. Anyway, quite a lot of information has been leaked already regarding these handsets. In addition, now, certain details have also been revealed about the 2019 iPhones. Recent reports coming from Taiwan states about the 2019 Apple iPhones flaunting triple rear camera setup, something that has already been witnessed with the Huawei P20 Pro this year.

Right now, it’s still not confirmed whether all the 2019 models would sport triple rear cameras. However, the report also adds that at least one of them would come with this setup. This setup would, in fact, include support for ‘3D Vision’ for better-augmented reality (AR) implementation.

Also, it needs to be mentioned here that two of the three cameras at the back would be able to study the object from different angles before creating a 3D version of it. This is, of course, said to be better than the ToF or (Time of Flight) system wherein the time that a laser takes to reach the object and bounce off is noted and a 3D version is created. According to a report from November last year, Apple was said to use ToF in its 2019 iPhones.

Now coming back to the third rear camera, it is said to sport a telephoto lens. Also introduced, would be a 3X optical zoom, which is incorporated in Huawei’s P20 Pro smartphone.

It is being said that for now, Apple gets its camera from Sony, Sharp, LG, and Dali. Out of these, the latter one is said to have the ability to meet the demand and deliver triple rear camera setup on time.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time users are hearing about the 2019 iPhones that would include triple rear cameras. A report from the Economic Daily in April this year has, in fact, highlighted the same piece of information. It also added that the third camera would have a 6MP sensor and a 5X zoom.