Yes, this is true! To all the innumerable GoT fans out there, HBO has actually given nod of confirmation to this news, where it stated that an anonymous hacker has proudly declared about leaking full episodes of upcoming shows in addition to written material from the next week episode of ‘Game of Thrones’.

In an email to the journalists, the hacker/hackers have made possible claims of acquiring 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO. As of for now, an upcoming episode of Ballers and Room 104, have been put online. Also with this, there is also a written material that is supposedly from next week’s fourth episode of GoT, and promises are made to be ‘coming soon’.

Right now, HBO is not providing any clear information on the kind of data stolen or posted online, and also no precise confirmation whether the breach included any kind of customer data or personal information about the employees.

The network regarded that, “HBO recently experienced a cyber incident, which resulted in the compromise of proprietary information. We immediately began investigating the incident and are working with law enforcement and outside cyber security firms”.

In his recent mail to employees, Richard Plepler, HBO’s chief executive, stated that the hacked information enlisted some of their programmings. Also, he added that any such of kind of intrusion is definitely disruptive, unsettling and disturbing for all of them there. He concluded by saying that, “The problem before us is unfortunately all too familiar in the world we now find ourselves a part of”.

So, right now the scenario states that what information the hackers have hacked about the ‘Game of Thrones’ is not exactly clear, owing to the HBO mega-hit closely guarding the secrets. This is the seventh season of the action oriented series, where the show has already aired third of its seven episodes till now.

Now, the striking feature remains that if the Hackers gain success in giving the spoilers, then this is would not be the first time that the GoT episodes will be disclosed.The show has witnessed a situation like this in 2015, when the first four episodes of the fifth season got leaked online, before the telecast.

‘Orange is the new black’ also faced the same consequences in April when a hacker leaked the upcoming season before it was scheduled to release, as Netflix declined the ransom requests.