The techie world is beaming right now. No, the reason is not any recent innovation or launch but the recent remark made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, while on his recent trip to India.

Nadella playfully took a dig, getting his feelings revealed when he spotted a couple of journalists wielding iPad tablets as he was preparing himself for the presentation of a keynote at the India Today Next Conclave. The purpose of this tour to India is basically the promotion of his new book, “Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Image a Better Future for Everyone”, which as the title suggests and is anticipated states about Nadella’s attempt to evolve Microsoft.

There, just as he entered the room with Microsoft India, boss Anant Maheswari, he spotted one of the journalists using iPad and regarded that, “You need to get a real computer, my friend”.

With this, he made it quite clear that he was not being mean-spirited, and some traces of some truth can be found in how Nadella feels behind the light heartened ribbing. It was just the last year when Nadella mocked Apple for trying to imitate Microsoft’s Surface line of 2-in-1 devices with iPad.

This is further echoed in one of his interviews, where he clearly regarded that,”The key in any momentum we have is that you have to have some amount of boldness in taking the risk, and knowing that you are not always going to get it right. I mean, take Surface. Three years ago, the two-in-one as a form factor was questioned. Does anybody need one? And now guess what, even our competition has decided that it’s not a refrigerator and a toaster, but it’s actually a two-in-one.”

With this, Nadella was referring to Apple CEO Tim Cook when he had previously regarded that, “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but you know those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user. So our view is that the tablet market is huge”.

Also, very recently, Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin sort of supported Nadella’s comments when he called the iPad Pro a “clear example” of Apple following in the company’s footsteps.

There he added that “Think about it if we had been looking at [Apple] we wouldn’t have made a product like Surface Pro or Surface Book. We have been learning and perfecting our products in the 2-in-1 category for years now, [but] when Surface initially launched everyone was skeptical, including them. And then they followed, and the iPad Pro is a clear example of that.”

The concluding lines speak that it is clarified that both Microsoft and Apple see the market a bit differently from one another. In a way, Microsoft is trying to find itself in a new era of computing, and of course, a part of its process definitely means facing some hard truths. Now, one of those truths is that it cannot compete with Apple and Google in smartphones, which Nadella had admitted earlier this year. But when it comes to mobile computing on a “real” PC, that is a domain that Microsoft is still very much a part of, and definitely confident in.