Skype Lite, the fastest and latest app to date for all the Android users have been previously introduced this year. The recent past has witnessed another feature of the of the Skype Lite app being introduced by Microsoft. This feature termed as the SMS Insights is embedded within and aims at helping users organize their texts on smartphones.

This new feature is basically meant to help the users which enable the categorization of the text messages like finance, shopping, travel, reminders, and promotions. Further, in a press statement, the company stated that “The new feature will make the SMS box smarter on the smartphones with automatic message sorting under different categories like Finance, Shopping, Travel, Reminder, and Promotions, helping users take an action from within the app”.


   Image Credit: Microsoft


Further, all categories will have ‘smart’ feature like date and status of the user’s order, tracking of packages with one touch and more. The shopping category will also enlist Promotions tab where users are enabled to view the best deals and discounts produced by the app. The company added that the SMS classification and categorization would be done locally on the phone and the users’ SMS information would not be stored by the company.

How to use this SMS insight?

The steps are simple. First, it is required to download the Skype Lite and get it installed on the smartphone from the Play Store.

The second step involves the users receiving the SMS in Chats tab and with a click on the SMS, a separate tab would show the details of the SMS coupled with the smart functions.

By assimilation of all these information in one place and offering the users such smart functions, Skype Lite wants to make the SMS experience more productive and interactive. They mainly to serve as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all the communication needs, whether big or small.

Microsoft has also set out the Aadhaar integration feature with the Skype Lite app in order to detect the impersonation fraud and allow only verified identity callers online. As per Satya Nadella, this app is 13mb in size and saves more data. Also, it supports several Indian languages including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Lastly, in a recent blog post, Microsoft regarded about this SMS insight that, “SMS Insights goes far beyond simply organizing your messages: it aggregates the information you need and presents it at a glance, sorting it into categories like Finance, Shopping, Travel, Reminders, and Promotions. It empowers you to easily interact the messages you want, while offering relevant action links that allow you to pay bills, check-in to flights, and even call customer support numbers”.


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