Two years ago, a group of American roboticists established a company named as MegaBots. The company has released a video challenging a Japanese collective to a giant robot ‘Kuratas’ for a fight. About a week later, the Japanese group, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, agreed to clash robots.

The robot is endowed with a terror-stricken claw, large twin-barrel cannon, and boasting some breathtaking handling power, “Eagle Prime” is closer than ever to enter the arena.

American robot MegaBot is constructed by Bots. The North American battle bot is expected to take on challengers from both Japan and China in a demonstration of robotic engineering prowess. The appropriately named Eagle Prime stands 16 feet tall and is powered by a massive Chevrolet V8 LS3 engine, putting out 430 horsepower and costing north of $8,000 on its own. From top to bottom, the combat robot weighs in at a brawny 12 tons.

Eagle Prime will represent Team USA in the “Giant Robot Duel” against Japanese robot “Kuratas” (a 13-foot combat mech from Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries) is expected to face off in September. It is expected that China’s ‘Monkey King’ Robot will fight with the American MegaBot at later date.

MegaBot’s co-founders, Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti, announced that its battle against Suidobashi’s robot will take place in September. The battle would have happened a bit sooner, but apparently, there have been “logistical issues at the originally-chosen venue”.

The Actual battle between the bots will be a private affair but will be recorded and made available for the general public to enjoy after the fact. The decision on tape the fight was made because of the very obvious risk of injury to any spectators.