Searching the web by using the voice is going to affect a larger number of people on earth. In the latest announcement, the search engine giant Google confirms expanding its speech recognition capability to support new languages, including eight from India. Thus, a much larger number of people in the planet can search the Internet using t heir voice. They may also use the Google’s keyboard app, Gboard, to type through their voices.

Now, with this update, Google supports a total of 119 languages, covering the major economic domains in the planet. The Indian languages that came on board, include Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. These apart, the Nepali language has been added to the list. According to a source from Google, speech recognition for the newly added languages will be supported in Gboard for Android users, as well as in Voice Search.

In fact, Google has already made the newly added languages available in its Cloud Speech API, along with a large number of third-party video and voice applications. These include IVR applications, transcription services, speech analytics applications and much more. However, it will take a little time to get the newly added languages included to the Google Translate app.

The latest move by Google is expected to bring significant impact to India. The country registers some 420 million mobile Internet users, making it a prime target for tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple.Thus, many experts are of the opinion that Google hardly had better alternatives other than this.

A Google source, who prefers to stay anonymous, confirms that it has combined both Machine Learning (ML) technology and human labour to develop this cutting-edge, user-friendly feature. In order to infuse accuracy to the feature, Google asked native speakers to read out common phrases in a language. This way, the Google machine learning models can understand the sounds and words of the newly added languages much better with time.