Google Assistant is quite a help these days, for the majority of the Android Phone users, in order to get their work done at a quick pace. With this, the fact also remains that India has a higher percentage of Hindi speakers than English. This further refers to the fact that almost majority of the individuals of the cannot comprehend English language. This means that the Google Assistant is of no use to them and thus this becomes a disadvantage for the company. So, in lieu of this issue, Google has reportedly added Hindi language support in Google Assistant.

Sounds unbelievable but this is absolutely true. Users would be now able to speak to the Google Assistant in Hindi. Up till now, Google Assistant was well versed in English and alongside other few languages. With this endeavor, the company is definitely aiming to expand its Assistant’s reach to the masses all across India, for the ones, who until now, couldn’t use Google Assistant only because they weren’t well acquainted with English.

With this, Google has taken a step ahead of Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, which are yet to support the Hindi language. However, this Hindi support is not completely new to Google Assistant as Google Allo received a native Hindi Assistant back in December 2016. Also, Google showcased a specific Google Assistant version for Jio Phone with support for both English and Hindi languages at the Google for India event.

However, this is still yet to be official as the Google Assistant support page still doesn’t mention Hindi as a supported language. However, even after this, Google has already started rolling out the Hindi language support to all supported Android smartphones in India.

Image Credit: India Today

The usage of Google Assistant is known to all so need not mentioned. For instance, anyone asking for the weather report, users just need to say, “Hey Google, what’s the weather today?” and Google Assistant, based on its search algorithm, would provide an answer to the question.

Similarly, to make Google understand Hindi, users need to ask the questions like, “Hey Google, mutter paneer ki sabji kaise banate hai” and in response, users would get video recipes for making delicious “Mutter paneer sabji” and interestingly those videos would be also in Hindi. Also, when asked the Google Assistant about the weather in Hindi by saying “Mausam Kaisa Hain” it responded with today’s weather report.

To get the Google Assistant working in Hindi, users would have to set  English (India) as default language and this is done by going to the settings tab on the Android phone. For this users need to go to Setting > Language & input > Languages > Add a language > Choose English from the list > and then select the location as India.