It seems that, Google Assistant is assigned with another task now. Google Assistant would now predict users when the flights would likely to be delayed, thus informing users even before airlines confirm the delays.

This new feature of flight delay prediction for Google Assistant comes ahead of this year’s holiday season when flights are more likely to be delayed.

So here users might as well ask Google Assistant, “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” or ask questions about a specific flight, such as “What’s the status of the American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Denver?”


In the next few weeks, presumably before the Christmas break begins, Google Assistant would also proactively notify users of predicted flight delays and the reason if it knows the answer. So users could expect to see a message along the lines of: “Due to a delayed incoming flight, there is a good chance that it’ll be delayed by at least 30 minutes.”

So, now for users, they might be still madly rushing to the airport or sitting there waiting for flight anyway, but at least he/she would know that there’s a good chance it would be announced as delayed.

Google only sends a flight delay alert if it’s 85 percent confident that the flight would be delayed. It uses historical flight status data and machine learning to predict airline confirmations.

google-assistamt-3-1 The flight delay notifications first came to Google Flights in January, but it had a lower threshold of 80 percent certainty for triggering a warning.

Google also updated Maps for the holiday season with travel guide information containing suggested things to do when traveling in a new city. To access the information, users need to swipe up on the Explore tab.

The company has in fact added new flight and price trend data about upcoming holidays and school breaks to its “Getaway with Google” trip planning tool.

google-assistant-2When it comes to scouring the web for flight ticket prices, Google Flights would now explain what’s included in a ticket’s price, such as whether it includes carrying-on luggage. There’s also a filter to see only prices with carry-on luggage. For domestic US flights, users can select a filter to include checked bag fees.