Websites that auto-load videos with sound will soon become a thing of the past or, at least, your days of having to put up with them could be. As the reason is Google is testing a new option that allows the users permanently mute website within the Chrome Browser.

The auto playing of videos on websites is very irritating. Google Chrome has introduced an indicator to flag guilty tabs a couple of years ago. It had long been needed and now the development team is testing this mute option inside the latest experimental ‘Canary’ version, according to Google developer Francois Beaufort. You can follow this link if you want to try it out.

It looks very user-friendly. Just click on the security status that’s located to the left of the website address, and then the option to mute the site sits within the list of its details and permissions. The mute itself will last until the setting is changed, which effectively makes it the prohibition of sound.

While the feature would only appear in Chrome, assuming that it passes from the test rollout.

This kind of option for users could discourage publishers from auto playing videos with sound fear for that their website will be muted forever. That would be mean one less annoying thing on the internet and a win for us all.


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