Google announced Android Instant Apps after several of months in testing. Android Instant Apps that allows the user to use limited apps via Chrome. It is a cloud app delivery service that Google has linked up with the Play Store, is now compatible with 500 million unique devices. This obviously does not mean 500 million types of Android devices, but many different makes and models of phones and tablets are covered nonetheless.

Google officially launched Android Instant Apps a few months back at 2017 Google I/O conference in June, and since that time the company has been doing as much as it can to enlarge the service to as many devices as possible. The rollout has brought Instant Apps to 500 million phones or tablets over the course of just about two months an impressive feat.

These apps supposed to give people a way to simply go to Google Play Store, via a website or other link, and instead of fully downloading an app, they can simply click on an “Open App” selection to almost instantly begin using it.

The idea is to give consumers a way to access an app they would not normally keep stored on their device, but still allow them to use it. It also gives developers a way to introduce people to their app, as a kind of demo so they might get provoked to download and use the full version later.

In a blog post, Google mentioned that a number of companies have already seen some success in developing and releasing Android Instant Apps. One of them is the streaming video service Vimeo. The other apps include Jet,, and the NYTimes Crosswords. Google reports that Android Instant Apps has helped increase Vimeo’s session duration by as much as 130%, and it’s also helped Jet see a conversion rate jump of 27%.

To check and see whether or not you currently have access to Android Instant Apps, go to Settings -> Google -> and if you have access to the service, you will see a tab for Instant Apps.