Google’s being more creative and innovative Company. They Mostly work on how they can make the lives easier and simpler. They are working on the AI and Voice Assistant for a couple of years. Every year they conduct Google I/O. This year was Special, as they announced the Duplex AI. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google shocked everyone by this Highly Advance Artificial Intelligence.

What is Duplex?

It’s basically an extension of Google assistant that can make phone calls to real humans just by you asking it to do so.

It’s a deep neural network that builds off wavelet technology. Wavenet is a speech synthesis program that worked by joining very short units of sound together to create speech. It was a breakthrough in natural speech synthesis when it came out. It uses Recurrent Neural Network.

The Advance AI working Behind the Google Assistant seems you talking to a Real Person. It Actually makes calls on behalf of you.

Let say you wanna book an Appointment for a Haircut, and you’re kinda busy there. You can just tell Google Assistant to Book an appointment on a particular day. Then Google Assistant will actually call that Saloon and talk to the Real Person in the Saloon and will Book an appointment on behalf of you. It doesn’t seem to like you’re talking to a robot, it’s as same as you’re talking to a real person.

Lets take another example, what if you want to change oil from John’s Garage on Monday Morning and you say “Hey, Google, Book me an appointment for Oil Change at John’s Garage for Monday Morning” and it’ll work accordingly as if it’s your personal assistant, it’ll call at John’s Garage and will book appointment and also add it to your calendar. That’s Insane, right? Yes, it is.

Google has programmed and added some Sounds to convince the person that they are talking to believe that they’re speaking on the phone with a human.

On the Other Hand, Mark Zuckerberg had earlier announced his personal Project JARVIS. It’s basically a Home AI Assistant which follow your orders by listening to your voice. Mark was working on his personal Home AI Assistant project and he completed it. It helps Mark to do all his work by just speaking. Its an AI system to control basic tasks like turning on lights, controlling room temperature, Opening doors, plays desired music. It’s basically another Human present in the House which helps you in much of your work and is a companion.

So by launching Google Duplex with Google Assistant, Google has made another Jarvis for everyone which can make calls on behalf of you. The common man would not be able to buy the entire Jarvis AI system, as its totally made by Mark Zuckerberg for his house.

Security and Privacy using Duplex?

Well, your security and Privacy will all depend on how you trust Google. This system is not yet released to the People and is still under Process. Google has Developed ML Kit for the Developers so that they can do more of this things in the device itself, but its all matter of Computing Power. This is very complicated and takes lots of Computations to make a Saloon Appointment this way.

Google Assitant uses your personal data from your phone and Duplex is no different, too use your personal data to do some special tasks.

When is Duplex coming to our Phones?

There’s no announcement for this from the company till now, and no one knows when this AI system will be coming to our actual Mobile Phones. Google gets very much excited whenever they found any unique technology and they are excited to show it to the people. No one even knows if this system gonna come to our mobile phones or not.

For now, Google Duplex is being Tested and made under a closed and supervised area. If the initial test will become successful then there are chances that Google may release the Beta Version for the People out there in there Smartphone.

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