Google now makes parenting a bit less difficult! Technology honcho Google recently launched the Family Link App in India. This app is practically meant to help parents remotely control and keep track of their children’s Android device activities and help them set digital ground rules by managing what their kids are up to and what Google Accounts, devices and apps they are using. This app was initially made public for the first time in the United States in 2017. Google in fact added that this app is a “solution for bringing kids and parents into the Android ecosystem.”

To know more, the app allows parents to view the weekly and monthly activity reports of their wards, and also helps them to limit the device usage by specifying a maximum number of hours that their kids are allowed to spend on the internet. Parents can in fact set the devices to be automatically be locked out during their child’s bedtime.


The ‘Family Link’ can control any Android device that is running on Android Nougat 7.0 and higher but only selected Marshmallow devices as of 2017.

To this, Sunita Mohanty, the Director of Trust & Safety at Google added that new online users along with the existing ones need to be aware of all the possible negative experiences that they may incur on the web. “This makes it important for us to educate users and create awareness on the possible dangers and threats.”

Now certain features of the app that might turn extremely helpful for parents-


  • Guide kid to good content: With the help of this app, parents can view their children’s activities and help them make healthy decisions. They might as well manage the usage of their apps.
  • Track the kid’s whereabouts: Parents can find where their child is going and find out their locations as long as they are carrying their Android devices with them.
  • Track screentime: Parents can decide the right amount of screen time for their ward and set a time limit. They will also be able to lock their kid’s devices when its time to go outside and play or have dinner and it is time to spend some offline time with the family.

Apart from the above and for any further information, parents might as well visit the Google App store to know more and download the app. It is available on the Android store with the name ‘Google Family Link for parents’ and ‘Google Family Link for children & teens’.