Google’s own keyboard app, Gboard got its latest update (v7.6) for Android and that has roped in a helpful new feature. This now let users make the keyboard float and move it around the screen. With this floating keyboard feature, tapping on the Gboard’s G icon would get users the new Floating option.

To recall back, an APK teardown of the last version of the app in September had found it to be building itself up to bring the new floating keyboard alongside a bunch of other new features. It now seems to be available for most Android users. Meanwhile, an APK teardown of the latest Gboard app version has separately hinted at a couple of upcoming features. However, as of now,  there is no information about when this functionality would hit Gboard for iOS.


Similar to the SwiftKey floating keyboard, users would be now able to move the Gboard around after undocking it. The new floating keyboard can be placed anywhere on the screen and in fact can be resized or even used for swipe typing. To enable the floating keyboard, users need to tap on the G icon and then on the three-dotted menu. Further, tap on the new Floating option. Now, users would be able to drag the keyboard around by tapping and holding it. Notably, to dock the Gboard back to its original place and size, users just need to drag it to the bottom of the display. Interestingly, on leaving the keyboard untouched, it turns translucent and shows the app behind it.

For users still not getting the option, it might be noted that Google might  roll it out to more Android devices soon. Also, the Gboard app has now added support for more languages, dialects, and more. The report claims that there are 47 additions to the list, including the ones added in earlier releases.


Meanwhile, version 7.6 of Gboard has also revealed a number of features to be under development. These hints at upcoming features like Halloween GIFs and addition of new languages. The report says that Gboard would be adding a category for Halloween GIFs ahead of the festival.