In lieu of the latest updates, Google has also updated its messaging platform Hangouts with a feature known as ‘Smart Reply’. The tech giant further added that this feature is meant to ‘save’ time of the ‘users’. Google further in its blog that, “We’re bringing Smart Reply to Hangouts Chat so you can respond to teammates quickly and move projects forward more efficiently, in less time. This launch is part of our ongoing effort to bring intelligent, assistive writing tools to all of G Suite”.

To know more about this feature in Hangouts Chat, this is currently available in English, uses “sophisticated machine learning intelligence, similar to that behind Smart Reply in Gmail.” The Google technology “recognizes which messages most likely need responses, and proposes up to 3 different replies”. Here Google also added that, “Once you’ve selected one, you can send it immediately or edit your response starting with the Smart Reply text. Please note, this feature is currently only available in English”.


Google initially launched Hangouts as a free service in 2013. To this Reuters added that, subsequently, Google transformed it for businesses when the company expanded enterprise sales efforts and sought to bring customers many of the same features it has internally.

Recently, there were speculations afloat that Google would shut down Hangouts messaging app by 2020. However, Google Hangouts product head Scott Johnston has rejected the reports. In a statement, Johnston categorically said, “I run Hangouts and this is pretty shoddy reporting. No decisions made about when Hangouts will be shut down. Hangouts users will be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Your source is severely misinformed. You can do better.”