Google recently announced routines as its new feature in the Google Assistant back in October in 2017 at the Made by Google event. Basically, these routines include the execution of a string of commands with a single command. For example, users can set it to start Spotify playlist, turn on the lights, and start the coffee machine and TV just by saying “Hey Google, good morning.” To know more, the availability of this feature was pretty limited initially, but Google would definitely be rolling it out more widely.

Some users from the /r/GoogleHome subreddit report added that Google Home routines now work in India, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. So, citizens belonging to any one of these countries would be able to set up their routines in the Google Assistant settings. Default routines include telling the users about their commute, the weather, and reminders in the morning whenever users say “tell me about my day”, “I’m up”, or “good morning”.


Of course, users also have been provided with the option of editing any of these routines. Users would be able to set them to adjust the thermostat and other smart home devices if users own them and have them set up. Adding these new, custom routines are also fairly easy. So for this, users would have to just tap on + and type in the command, then choose what Assistant should do. So here users would be able to type it in by yourself, or just choose from the popular actions.


The feature seems to be activated from the server-side, so users really don’t have to wait for an update on Play Store or sideload an APK file. Based on the Google Home subreddit, users really are happy that Google has finally decided to roll out the routines. Thus they provide users with the ability to have a bit of a smarter home and might make the daily routine a tad more pleasant.