Google increases its focus on India after it launched a new social app. The app is named Neighbourly app. The app focuses on creating neighborhood communities within the cities in the country.

Google’s Next Billion team in charge in emerging markets has dedicated significant resources to India. Its initiatives include data-friendly versions of YouTube and other popular services like-

  • Tez mobile payment app
  • A food delivery service, and,
  • a national WiFi network initiative.

At present, Google is adding one more to its list, which is Neighbourly. Neighbourly is a Questions and Answer app for sharing local knowledge. The apps help to find:

Any reliable mechanics nearby? Which film festival in our locality have free entry for kids?

Therefore the Neighbourly app that helps you ask your neighbour questions and share local expertise. Therefore you can keep up with your neighborhood. With Neighbourly, your questions get routed to the relevant neighbors immediately. They can also reply with the most updated and exact information.

The neighbourly app uses-

You can ask your neighbours questions-

Ask a question on behalf of your family and is routed to the neighbor experts who can help. Availing Google’s voice recognition, you can ask your question or answer the app. Just like talking to a neighbor. It works in English and eight languages.

You can keep up with your neighbourhood safely-

You can browse, ask, and answer questions without sharing all of your personal information. Personal details like your phone number, full name, and other contact details are kept private when you use Neighbourly. And every member that joins Neighbourly makes the Neighbourly Promise so we can all work together to keep the app’s community safe and helpful.

You can share your local expertise-

Easily swipe left and right through the questions and give answers. The more you answer, the more you’re recognized for your local expertise. Plus, every time you answer, that information directly helps one of your neighbors and makes your entire neighborhood more informed.

Beta version of Neighbourly available on the Google Play Store for all smartphones in Mumbai running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and higher. If you live outside Mumbai, join the waitlist of the app and invite your neighbors.

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