Google Maps Go Beta

Android Go, the lightweight edition of Android made for low-end hardware. It promised to launch with multiple optimized versions of apps to make better use of the limited resources. More then a month after its formal launch, the Google Maps GO finally opened up the beta program in the Play Store.

To recollect Google Maps Go app is designed as a lightweight version of the original Google Maps. Identical to many other memory efficient apps. But the Google Maps Go app lacks many great features of the Google Maps. Here is what you can and what you cant perform.


The main focus of the Google Maps Go app is to run smoothly on the devices with limited memory and on unreliable networks. It will be the primary offering for Android Oreo (Go edition) which is Android Go devices.

The App offers quick directions and map details with a single tap. Closely, it offers real-time traffic information as well as lets users view live city transit schedules to take a bus or train for their journey. There is a transit information for around 7,000 agencies, more than 3.8million stations and for 20,000 towns and cities. Google has also provided options to discover and explore new places, search and find local restaurants, business, and other nearby places, and even view reviews and ratings and food images.

Google Maps Go Beta

Moreover, the Google Maps Go permits the users to find the phone number and address of a place or save an often visited place quickly find it later. Google affirms that there is a detailed business information for over 100 million places. Moreover, the app is handy in more than 70 languages.


The lighter version does not support turn by turn GPS navigation, which is one of the major features of the Google Maps app. Similarly, if you have installed the Maps Go app, you won’t be able to –

  • share your real-time location with your contacts,
  • Download offline apps
  • Add reviews, ratings, and photos for your favorite places and
  • Set home and work addresses.

These app does not permit its users to report any data problems, edit information about an already about an already saved place, measure distance between several places or add private labels to places.

Well, you can leave the testing programme anytime and switch to the public version of the Google Maps Go app by uninstalling the testing version and then install the public version of the Play Store.