It is an undeniable fact that Google is constantly in an attempt to make its Maps more user-friendly by roping in several significant features. For instance, it was only a week ago that the Maps for Android got updated with the two-wheeler feature. This time, the Search giant has thought of a new feature which would alert the passengers when to get off the bus or train while traveling. Of course, this is a very useful feature in case users would fall asleep while traveling, which is again quite a common sight for almost all of us.

This update of the Google Maps is basically to provide real-time updates while they are on their transit journey. These updates will appear on the Google Maps, and maybe in on the Android lock screen and that is where its uniqueness lies.

How does it work?

To get started, the users first need to search for transit directions in Google Maps which is the obvious and known process. Here, the added feature is that the users would be soon able to tap a “start” button at the bottom of the screen with the details of the transit journey. After this, passengers would start getting live updates as he/she starts walking or ride the local buses and trains.

Google Maps transit
Image Credit: Tech Crunch

Now, the basic understanding of the Google Maps remains that it works as an alarm for passengers, reminding them of their stoppage when it is nearby so that they would get down. So, that works definitely as a great help for new travelers or someone who is sleepy.

The notifications on the lock screen are also new this time. One out-of-the-box feature here is that they are interactive, so users might as well scroll right through the journey’s steps.

Looking back, Google Maps always did a good job of giving the detailed transit directions, though according to some it is nowhere as good and useful as CityMapper’s more detailed directions, the process generally involved keeping track of user’s own progress along the route. Now, with this update, transit notifications have become a bit more like using Maps for walking, biking, and driving.

So, let’s keep our fingers and expect this update to go live soon, as Google might have already started with its testing outside the periphery of its trusted tester community.