Even if not being very popular when compared to the other services by Google, Hangouts wouldn’t take a backseat definitely while talking of its usage. So the users still dependent on this messaging app by Google might find it hard to digest.

To delve deep, Google might close down Hangouts for consumers sometime in 2020. As per reports, the Alphabet-owned company had stopped the development of the app almost a yer back, which refers to the fact that 2019 might be the last year of usage of Hangouts.


However, even if its not clear why Hangouts would be shut down, it has been hinted by Google that it wants users to shift to its RCS chat feature within Android messages. Now, RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and Google has been keen on making it the default service for its messages across platform.

Interestingly, this chat feature hasn’t been launched yet and might reach users somewhere in 2019. In fact it is also speculated that once it is launched Hangouts for individuals might cease to exist.


As for Hangouts, it emerged as a replacement to GChat App in 2013 and since its inception, quite a lot of alterations has been made. To know more, the Hangouts offers its users messaging, video chat, SMS and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) feature.