It seems that Google is in fact joining in the holiday spree by offering selected users free credit to spend on the Play Store. Also, the search giant is randomly selecting users based on their purchase history, and is offering Play Store credit. Those who are selected for this credit are notified in the form of a yellow banner that appears whenever users open the Play Store app on the Android device. Clicking on this banner would allow Google users to claim their credit, and spend on them on apps on the Play Store.

The Google Play Store credit however seems limited to some users and the banner offers different deals for different users. For some, Google is offering “$5 to spend on any app or game”. As one would expect from any such offer, there are terms and deals associated with it. Clicking on the banner would again save this credit to the account automatically and then this would be used whenever they purchase an app or game on the platform. As for terms, this free credit can only be used on purchases above $20 for some users. While there are others who have noted that the credit is limited to app purchases and “in-app purchases are excluded”.


In addition, there are also other deals where Android users are getting $10 off a $30 purchase and $2 off on a $10 app purchase. When users click on that yellow banner, they would  read the full terms and conditions associated with the deal. It is recommended that users should read the terms before making purchase against credit received from Google. Also as per reports, users who would manage to spot the deal on the Play Store, says the credit can be found in the Rewards tab by navigating to the Accounts Section.

However, right now, there is a possibility that the offer is not only limited to select accounts but also limited by region. Some users on Reddit reported seeing such a deal, and it varies based on users. Google in fact has also not officially shared any comment about this credit being offered to Android users on the Play Store.