Google again brings in something unique for the users. To delve deep, Google’s in-house start up incubator Area 120 has introduced its latest travel guide website called Touring Bird that lists tours, attractions and activities for travelers and tourists in popular travel destinations.

For reference, Area 120 is a workshop for the tech giant’s experimental products. Till now, the site provides information about 20 cities that includes New Delhi, Prague, Chicago, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin and Las Vegas among others, and more over further plans to increase its coverage in the coming months.

As stated by the Touring Bird website, “When you select a destination city, you’ll see popular attractions, suggested tours and activities along with prices, options for free guided tours and recommendations from locals and travel bloggers”.

The app also includes an in built “build-your-own package” feature wherein users would be able to customize and compare filtered offerings by price and preferences, to find the best match to their plan, along with booking and canceling provisions.

The Touring Bird also added that, “We’re a small team that’s brought together by a common passion for travel and

improving the overall travel experience for others. Most of us have a background in building travel products at Google, and we’re all deeply passionate about solving real user problems in this space”.

To know more, users would also be able to bookmark their favorite activities and recommendations like food, destinations, stays and amusements, to a list and share it with fellow travelers. Right now, Touring Bird is available in English globally for both desktop and mobile users.