Google India declared a slew of India-first products and the features designed especially for the over growing base of the Indian internet users at the third edition of its annual “Google for India” event.

To customize for the Indian conditions and needs Google apps includes Google Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Assistant Go, Files Go, Gboard, Chrome, and Play.

Android Go was introduced as a special configuration of Android 8.1 Oreo for low-end devices. The new configuration is for all Android with less than 1GB of RAM. Even it strips down Android to use less memory, less storage, and run better on cheap phones. The goal with Android Go is to capture the “next billion users”. Google wants to capture this flood of new users, so Android Go and the ‘Go’ Google apps are designed for these ultra-cheap devices with limited connectivity.

Google’s Go initiative aims at the software for the devices with limited memory, storage, CPU horsepower, and connectivity. Since a maximum of these users will be in non-English speaking countries there is also focus on bilingualism, so things can function in the Internet’s maximum language of English, along with users native language.

google for India

Google Go Apps

Google Go which is a renamed version of Google’s ‘Search Lite’ app. This has a stripped down interface that first presents the user with a list of search types. It features search-as-you-type functionality, bilingual searchers.

YouTube Go– YouTube app allows the user to download videos for offline viewing and share videos with nearby friends by transferring the actual video content locally over Wifi.

Files Go- This is a file manager that tries to clamp down on space usage, pointing out large files, duplicate files, and unused apps to the user.

Chrome– Its inclusion is a reference to the “data saver” feature, which uses, Google’s servers to transcode WebPages.

Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, and Google Assistant Go are latest apps, therefore, there are enough details about them.